Final moments

November 27, 2009

Again several months have passed since the last update to this studio blog…

Currently the situation is such that almost all the recording have been done – just a few vocal lines and other small stuff here and there are missing (and the consolidation of the orchestrations with the band stuff).  Since the last update, all the missing female vocals were recorded at the summer villa in Karjalohja, as well as most of the male vocals… And then I have been doing further recording work in Cologne, Germany and at KK Creative in Vantaa, Finland…

Yesterday me and Jake were visiting Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki, Finland and meeting up with our friend Tapsa (Tapio Pennanen) who also used to be the main livesound guy for us during our liveshows in 2006/2007. We’re planning to do the mixing at Sonic Pump with Tapsa, both because Sonic Pump is one of the best studios around I think, and Tapsa is one of the best guys around 😉   I was also discussing the possibility of mixing again with Anssi Kippo (Chirldren of Bodom etc.) who mixed our 1st album and this is also still an option – but I’m up for something really different this time, so that’s another reason why we’re probably going for Tapsa @ Sonic…

I’m currently waiting for confirmation about money issues and scheduling – because Apocapyltica is recording their new album at Sonic Pump when we were planning to mix our album – we’ll try to do it at the same time with them, Tapsa and Nino (the main guy from Sonic Pump) just need to fiddle around a bit,,,  But if everything works out, we’ll be mixing there in January – and the album should go for mastering, and be ready in the beginning February – FINALLY! 🙂
It has taken a really long time, since we already started recording in last February, but of course we haven’t been working with the album all the time and there have been long breaks – but still it has been a very massive project and I’m really waiting to have the final result in my hands. We have been recording the album at four different locations in Finland (D-Studio, KK Creative Productions Studio, Vaskivuori Studio and at a summer villa in Karjalohja), in an editing studio in Cologne, Germany, it would be mixed at Sonic Pump Studios, and then also mastered somewhere else (probably Chartmasters or Finnvox)… So in total, when finished, the album will have been worked on in at least 7 different locations during the time period of over a year!! So yeah – it has been weird, complex and big 😀

I promise that there will be pictures and video from the mixing sessions – I might also put some other video and pics (from other phases of recording) here even before…





June 6, 2009

FINALLY an update to the studio blog!!! 😀

It’s been almost 4 months since we were recording the drums at D-studio in Klaukkala, Finland… and for a long time since then nothing much really happened with the album. There was a lot of schedule problems and personal things on the way of getting the album forward and since there is no deadline for the album a lot of other things took a priority over the recordings… After February I’ve been moving around quite a lot, I was in Estonia, Germany and Thailand to mention a few things – although all the time I was preparing Taiya for the vocal recordings and also doing some keyboard recording and other stuff at my own studio setup…

But now this whole week I’ve been recording at the Vaskivuori Studio in Vantaa, Finland and things are moving forward… After tomorrow all of the female vocals (Taiya) have been recorded as well as all of the bass tracks… Some orchestrations and keyboards are also already done – and of course the drums which were recorded in February.

Next week I’ll start recording the guitars and male vocals in my own facilities in Vantaa and at a countryside villa in Karjalohja. Then at the end of June I’m flying to London so there will be a short break with the album work. But after this I’m flying directly to Düsseldorf from London and I will continue with the album recordings in Cologne, Germany. My plan is to have all of the rest of the recording work done in Germany in July. There’s some breaks also during July because I have a couple of other projects under work in Germany at that time and I also need to travel to Belgium, but I’m sure at least almost everything should be done during this time…  I’m then returning to Finland in the end of July, after which I’ll do some final overdubs/recording and start mixing the album in the beginning of August. Then I possibly have to go to Asia again so I’m not sure if the album will be finished in August, but if not – then at least very shortly after this…

So we’re looking forward to have the final mix ready in the early autumn at the latest.
Can’t say anything about any release dates yet though since we’re still in the process of talking with labels etc.

Meanwhile, I’ve uploaded some small video clips of the bass recordings to YouTube. Jake was filming this stuff with a cameraphone, so it’s pretty bad quality – but it’s something at least :)-
rock on!

Yesterday was the last day of the drum recordings.
As I mentioned before we had a break with the drum recordings on the weekend, and then we continued with the recordings on monday evening and yesterday evening.

We managed to get all of the material done without any kind of problem because we basically had “all the time of the world” at our hands 🙂 If we would’ve been in a hurry we could’ve recorded all the drums in like 1-3 full days of work and now we had 7 days (or evenings of time), so it’s easy to imagine that it was a completely stress free environment for recording and trying out some new ideas.

We’re very happy with the end results. The drums are really tight and sound amazing. I’ll add some more video clips from the last days of the sessions later…

We’re now having a break until March with the recordings, because I’m working with a couple of other recording projects and I’m also travelling to Germany next week where I will stay until the end of the first week of March. So the recordings will continue at KK Creative Studios on the second week of March. I’ll start of with bass & guitar recordings then.


Day 4

February 5, 2009

yet another drum recording day… the weather was very grey and bleak, I got very little sleep during the previous night, and overall the beginning of the day was really shitty – so motivation for Tacere recording in the evening was zero… The same goes for Jake.

…fortunately we got a special guest visit from someone who we really look up to!!! :

Thus we got really inspired and nailed down perfect drum tracks for a song with the project name “sell-out”, and started another song with the working title “Wihtout my Hasselhoff”….


But all jokes aside: Tomorrow is the last recording day this week, because I will be spending my weekend working with some talented Finnish songwriters. The cool thing is that we’ll be working at a recording studio/concert hall/multipurpose complex that is build into a historical estate called “Kallio-Kuninkala”. It’s a very unique working location: a tranquil place in the middle of nature, located right next to the old home (currently a museum) of one of my biggest heroes, mr. Jean Sibelius.

Day 3 goes on and on…

February 4, 2009

We started recording about an hour ago and got the song “Let Go” done…
Here’s a video clip of the beginning of the sessions:


Day number three

February 4, 2009


Yesterday we managed to record two songs “Absolute Power” and “Tears turn into snow”. We were in the studio only for a couple of hours and we spent some time still tweaking the sounds and trying out different symbal setups etc. Because we have a lot of time to record the drums we also try out different options for fills and beats in the different parts of the songs, so this also naturally takes time.

Later today we’ll start the third evening of drum recordings – we’ll pick out a couple of new cymbals on the way to the studio to try out some special stuff for a couple of songs…

This week during the day time I’m recording/working with material for a new amazing band called “Blick Auf”. And then in the evenings I’m recording the Tacere album. I’m also trying to write a thesis work at the same time and conduct a small scale international business communications research project… So I could say that I’m pretty booked right now, especially because I’m also trying to fit in an extensive daily gym & exercise program to get myself into top notch shape. So this is one of the reasons why we’ve chosen only to work short evenings for the Tacere recording project at the moment. And all in all we want to give the album all the time it needs. We want the album to sound fresh and stress-free.

more later…


1st day over

February 2, 2009

The first recording day is now behind of us… Today we spent most of the time with tweaking the drum set-up and the drum sounds, but we also managed to drum tracks for one full song – Storm of The Century. It was mostly pain free, we just went through the song a couple of times and that was it – perfectly played drum tracks. We also played through the song “Absolute Power” once, but the tuning of the snare drum had gone down so the sound was not good enough, and we decided to continue tomorrow and retune then (as it was already really late).
A short clip of the 1st take of Absolute Power:

I’m very happy with the sounds also – I think that the raw sounds for recording that we got out of our setup are the best raw drum sounds I’ve had during my career, so that’s pretty awesome.

We tried to be very mimimalistic with the drumkit, and left out everything that we possibly could… We’re looking for a very organic drum sound anyway, and we will do no time-editing and no triggering/sampling for the drum sounds, quite the contrary to what most of the metal bands do these days… The exception of course beign electronic drum parts (which we will have quite a few of on the new album).

The final setup we used for the drumkit is the following:
Yamah Oak custom Toms:
10×8″ 12×10″ 14×12″ 16×14″
The bass drum is also Oak custom, and the size is 22×20″
The Snare drum is Yamaha Steve Jordan signature series maple snare 13×6″
Yamaha pedals and hardware

Ride 20″/51cm Sabian Vault
Hi-hats 14″/36cm Sabian HHX Legacy
Crash 19″/48cm Sabian AAX Aaxplosion
Crash 19″/48cm Sabian AA Metal-x crash
Crash 19″/48cm Sabian AA Rock crash
Crash 17″/43cm Sabian HHX Evolution effects crash
Splash 8″/20cm Sabian AAX
Splash 9″/22cm Sabian Signature Mike Portnoy max splash
China 18″/46cm SabianHHX

Drum skins:
Aquarian Response 2

We close miced all of the toms (the rack toms with standard shure drum mics, and the floor toms with shure bass drums mics) and we miced the snare from the top and bottom… for the bassdrum we used both a bassdrum mic and a subkick. We close miced the ride, hihat, china and splash symbals and then used 3 overheads (hh-side, center, ride-side). In addition we also have two room mics.

Check out a short video clip of the drum setup from here:

Tomorrow we continue with drum recordings… We are only working during the evenings, and we work for just a couple of hours a day – so there is no atmosphere of stress whatsoever and we’re also freeing ourselves to experiment and try out different stuff for the songs, so that’s why the drum recordings will probably take at least 5 days or so…

Over and out,

The beginning

February 2, 2009

Today is the first day of the studio sessions for the 2nd TACERE album, yet untitled.

We already arrived at the studio yesterday to set-up Jake’s drum kit. Today we continue with the drum setup – we picked up a second snare drum from F-musiikki to check out if a nice maple snare would do the trick for our sound. We’re looking for a similiar snare sound as on the Chinese Democracy album, because I totally fell in love with the drum sounds on that one. So we got a similiar snare to the one that “Brain” (the drummer on Chinese Democracy) is using, but it’s from another manufacturer (Yamaha)… Usually we’ve used a metal snare in the studio, and lately Jake has played live with a custom oak snare, so this is a first one for us with the maple snare…

Jake is currently tuning and setting up the kit (that’s already been miced up), and in a while we’ll start checking out the basic sounds for recording from the mixing console… The main goal today is to get the drum recording setup working and maybe we can even start some recording today…

We’re using a YAMAHA Oak Custom series drum kit with a couple of different snare options (as already mentioned before), the symbals are from Sabian… More precise info about the drum setup and the mic setup will follow soon (with pictures),..