Final moments

November 27, 2009

Again several months have passed since the last update to this studio blog…

Currently the situation is such that almost all the recording have been done – just a few vocal lines and other small stuff here and there are missing (and the consolidation of the orchestrations with the band stuff).  Since the last update, all the missing female vocals were recorded at the summer villa in Karjalohja, as well as most of the male vocals… And then I have been doing further recording work in Cologne, Germany and at KK Creative in Vantaa, Finland…

Yesterday me and Jake were visiting Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki, Finland and meeting up with our friend Tapsa (Tapio Pennanen) who also used to be the main livesound guy for us during our liveshows in 2006/2007. We’re planning to do the mixing at Sonic Pump with Tapsa, both because Sonic Pump is one of the best studios around I think, and Tapsa is one of the best guys around 😉   I was also discussing the possibility of mixing again with Anssi Kippo (Chirldren of Bodom etc.) who mixed our 1st album and this is also still an option – but I’m up for something really different this time, so that’s another reason why we’re probably going for Tapsa @ Sonic…

I’m currently waiting for confirmation about money issues and scheduling – because Apocapyltica is recording their new album at Sonic Pump when we were planning to mix our album – we’ll try to do it at the same time with them, Tapsa and Nino (the main guy from Sonic Pump) just need to fiddle around a bit,,,  But if everything works out, we’ll be mixing there in January – and the album should go for mastering, and be ready in the beginning February – FINALLY! 🙂
It has taken a really long time, since we already started recording in last February, but of course we haven’t been working with the album all the time and there have been long breaks – but still it has been a very massive project and I’m really waiting to have the final result in my hands. We have been recording the album at four different locations in Finland (D-Studio, KK Creative Productions Studio, Vaskivuori Studio and at a summer villa in Karjalohja), in an editing studio in Cologne, Germany, it would be mixed at Sonic Pump Studios, and then also mastered somewhere else (probably Chartmasters or Finnvox)… So in total, when finished, the album will have been worked on in at least 7 different locations during the time period of over a year!! So yeah – it has been weird, complex and big 😀

I promise that there will be pictures and video from the mixing sessions – I might also put some other video and pics (from other phases of recording) here even before…




One Response to “Final moments”

  1. Tommi said

    Yay! Can’t wait to hear the new tunes and tracks.

    The more the pictures/videos, the merrier… 😀

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