June 6, 2009

FINALLY an update to the studio blog!!! 😀

It’s been almost 4 months since we were recording the drums at D-studio in Klaukkala, Finland… and for a long time since then nothing much really happened with the album. There was a lot of schedule problems and personal things on the way of getting the album forward and since there is no deadline for the album a lot of other things took a priority over the recordings… After February I’ve been moving around quite a lot, I was in Estonia, Germany and Thailand to mention a few things – although all the time I was preparing Taiya for the vocal recordings and also doing some keyboard recording and other stuff at my own studio setup…

But now this whole week I’ve been recording at the Vaskivuori Studio in Vantaa, Finland and things are moving forward… After tomorrow all of the female vocals (Taiya) have been recorded as well as all of the bass tracks… Some orchestrations and keyboards are also already done – and of course the drums which were recorded in February.

Next week I’ll start recording the guitars and male vocals in my own facilities in Vantaa and at a countryside villa in Karjalohja. Then at the end of June I’m flying to London so there will be a short break with the album work. But after this I’m flying directly to Düsseldorf from London and I will continue with the album recordings in Cologne, Germany. My plan is to have all of the rest of the recording work done in Germany in July. There’s some breaks also during July because I have a couple of other projects under work in Germany at that time and I also need to travel to Belgium, but I’m sure at least almost everything should be done during this time…  I’m then returning to Finland in the end of July, after which I’ll do some final overdubs/recording and start mixing the album in the beginning of August. Then I possibly have to go to Asia again so I’m not sure if the album will be finished in August, but if not – then at least very shortly after this…

So we’re looking forward to have the final mix ready in the early autumn at the latest.
Can’t say anything about any release dates yet though since we’re still in the process of talking with labels etc.

Meanwhile, I’ve uploaded some small video clips of the bass recordings to YouTube. Jake was filming this stuff with a cameraphone, so it’s pretty bad quality – but it’s something at least :)-
rock on!


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