The end of the drum recordings

February 11, 2009

Yesterday was the last day of the drum recordings.
As I mentioned before we had a break with the drum recordings on the weekend, and then we continued with the recordings on monday evening and yesterday evening.

We managed to get all of the material done without any kind of problem because we basically had “all the time of the world” at our hands 🙂 If we would’ve been in a hurry we could’ve recorded all the drums in like 1-3 full days of work and now we had 7 days (or evenings of time), so it’s easy to imagine that it was a completely stress free environment for recording and trying out some new ideas.

We’re very happy with the end results. The drums are really tight and sound amazing. I’ll add some more video clips from the last days of the sessions later…

We’re now having a break until March with the recordings, because I’m working with a couple of other recording projects and I’m also travelling to Germany next week where I will stay until the end of the first week of March. So the recordings will continue at KK Creative Studios on the second week of March. I’ll start of with bass & guitar recordings then.



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