Day 4

February 5, 2009

yet another drum recording day… the weather was very grey and bleak, I got very little sleep during the previous night, and overall the beginning of the day was really shitty – so motivation for Tacere recording in the evening was zero… The same goes for Jake.

…fortunately we got a special guest visit from someone who we really look up to!!! :

Thus we got really inspired and nailed down perfect drum tracks for a song with the project name “sell-out”, and started another song with the working title “Wihtout my Hasselhoff”….


But all jokes aside: Tomorrow is the last recording day this week, because I will be spending my weekend working with some talented Finnish songwriters. The cool thing is that we’ll be working at a recording studio/concert hall/multipurpose complex that is build into a historical estate called “Kallio-Kuninkala”. It’s a very unique working location: a tranquil place in the middle of nature, located right next to the old home (currently a museum) of one of my biggest heroes, mr. Jean Sibelius.


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