Day number three

February 4, 2009


Yesterday we managed to record two songs “Absolute Power” and “Tears turn into snow”. We were in the studio only for a couple of hours and we spent some time still tweaking the sounds and trying out different symbal setups etc. Because we have a lot of time to record the drums we also try out different options for fills and beats in the different parts of the songs, so this also naturally takes time.

Later today we’ll start the third evening of drum recordings – we’ll pick out a couple of new cymbals on the way to the studio to try out some special stuff for a couple of songs…

This week during the day time I’m recording/working with material for a new amazing band called “Blick Auf”. And then in the evenings I’m recording the Tacere album. I’m also trying to write a thesis work at the same time and conduct a small scale international business communications research project… So I could say that I’m pretty booked right now, especially because I’m also trying to fit in an extensive daily gym & exercise program to get myself into top notch shape. So this is one of the reasons why we’ve chosen only to work short evenings for the Tacere recording project at the moment. And all in all we want to give the album all the time it needs. We want the album to sound fresh and stress-free.

more later…



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