The beginning

February 2, 2009

Today is the first day of the studio sessions for the 2nd TACERE album, yet untitled.

We already arrived at the studio yesterday to set-up Jake’s drum kit. Today we continue with the drum setup – we picked up a second snare drum from F-musiikki to check out if a nice maple snare would do the trick for our sound. We’re looking for a similiar snare sound as on the Chinese Democracy album, because I totally fell in love with the drum sounds on that one. So we got a similiar snare to the one that “Brain” (the drummer on Chinese Democracy) is using, but it’s from another manufacturer (Yamaha)… Usually we’ve used a metal snare in the studio, and lately Jake has played live with a custom oak snare, so this is a first one for us with the maple snare…

Jake is currently tuning and setting up the kit (that’s already been miced up), and in a while we’ll start checking out the basic sounds for recording from the mixing console… The main goal today is to get the drum recording setup working and maybe we can even start some recording today…

We’re using a YAMAHA Oak Custom series drum kit with a couple of different snare options (as already mentioned before), the symbals are from Sabian… More precise info about the drum setup and the mic setup will follow soon (with pictures),..



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