1st day over

February 2, 2009

The first recording day is now behind of us… Today we spent most of the time with tweaking the drum set-up and the drum sounds, but we also managed to drum tracks for one full song – Storm of The Century. It was mostly pain free, we just went through the song a couple of times and that was it – perfectly played drum tracks. We also played through the song “Absolute Power” once, but the tuning of the snare drum had gone down so the sound was not good enough, and we decided to continue tomorrow and retune then (as it was already really late).
A short clip of the 1st take of Absolute Power:

I’m very happy with the sounds also – I think that the raw sounds for recording that we got out of our setup are the best raw drum sounds I’ve had during my career, so that’s pretty awesome.

We tried to be very mimimalistic with the drumkit, and left out everything that we possibly could… We’re looking for a very organic drum sound anyway, and we will do no time-editing and no triggering/sampling for the drum sounds, quite the contrary to what most of the metal bands do these days… The exception of course beign electronic drum parts (which we will have quite a few of on the new album).

The final setup we used for the drumkit is the following:
Yamah Oak custom Toms:
10×8″ 12×10″ 14×12″ 16×14″
The bass drum is also Oak custom, and the size is 22×20″
The Snare drum is Yamaha Steve Jordan signature series maple snare 13×6″
Yamaha pedals and hardware

Ride 20″/51cm Sabian Vault
Hi-hats 14″/36cm Sabian HHX Legacy
Crash 19″/48cm Sabian AAX Aaxplosion
Crash 19″/48cm Sabian AA Metal-x crash
Crash 19″/48cm Sabian AA Rock crash
Crash 17″/43cm Sabian HHX Evolution effects crash
Splash 8″/20cm Sabian AAX
Splash 9″/22cm Sabian Signature Mike Portnoy max splash
China 18″/46cm SabianHHX

Drum skins:
Aquarian Response 2

We close miced all of the toms (the rack toms with standard shure drum mics, and the floor toms with shure bass drums mics) and we miced the snare from the top and bottom… for the bassdrum we used both a bassdrum mic and a subkick. We close miced the ride, hihat, china and splash symbals and then used 3 overheads (hh-side, center, ride-side). In addition we also have two room mics.

Check out a short video clip of the drum setup from here:

Tomorrow we continue with drum recordings… We are only working during the evenings, and we work for just a couple of hours a day – so there is no atmosphere of stress whatsoever and we’re also freeing ourselves to experiment and try out different stuff for the songs, so that’s why the drum recordings will probably take at least 5 days or so…

Over and out,


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